Project Rangmanch


Art is far too important to not be shared and is the essence of human existence. Project Rangmanch aims to make the world just a little more colourful, brighter or more melodious by giving an opportunity to support and promote talented artists. This project supports all forms of art and hopes to provide a platform to all artists struggling to help them create their art with a few less worries. 

Artists and Artistes

Pallavi, a final year law student at ILS Law College, Pune, embodies a multifaceted persona that seamlessly blends her legal pursuits, social advocacy, and artistic talents. With a keen interest in International Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Pallavi's journey in the legal realm has been marked by her unwavering dedication to her chosen field of expertise.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Pallavi stands as a fierce advocate for social justice. Her commitment to driving positive change and addressing pressing societal issues has led her to be an integral member of the Kshitizz NGO since its very inception. Through her active involvement, she has demonstrated a profound sense of responsibility and an unyielding desire to contribute to the betterment of her community.

While her legal and social endeavors are truly commendable, Pallavi's talents extend far beyond these realms. With a melodious voice that captivates audiences, she has showcased her musical prowess on numerous occasions. As an amazing singer, Pallavi has graced various events with her performances, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to witness her artistry.

Pallavi's biography is a tapestry woven with threads of legal acumen, social consciousness, and artistic brilliance. Her journey as a final year law student at ILS Law College, Pune, unveils a trailblazer who is not only shaping her legal education but also nurturing a deep-rooted commitment to social equity. Her membership in the Kshitizz NGO underscores her dedication to effecting positive change, while her musical talents add a unique layer of vibrancy to her dynamic personality.

In sum, Pallavi's story is one of inspiration, exemplifying how a forward-thinking law student can seamlessly intertwine her passion for International Commercial Arbitration, dedication to social justice, and remarkable musical abilities into a narrative that resonates with aspiration and impact.