Kshitizz strives for socio-legal issues for awareness and public opinion through inviting papers through various luminaries and socio-legal engineers. This annual journal aims to merge the gap of intellectual levels of social workers and legal luminaries so that these two sections together contribute towards social justice and strive towards a nearer to utopian society. Nyay Patrika calls for socio-legal opinion once in a year in the form of a research paper.

Prof Arvind Tiwari

Prof. Arvind Tiwari is an esteemed Criminologist and scholar with expertise in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Human Rights, and Police Studies. He has published extensively, held leadership positions, and conducted training programs in his 25-year career. He is the Dean of the School of Law and Chairperson of the Centre for Police Studies at TISS.



Dr. Paradhan Parth Sarthi

Pradhan Parth Sarthi has received M. Sc. (Tech) (1993) and Ph.D. degree in Geophysics (Meteorology) (2000) from Department of Geophysics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (UP). He has worked as Post-Doctoral Fellow (1998-2006) at Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi and as an Associate Fellow (2006-2010) at Centre for Global Environmental Research (CGER), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi. He joined Central University of Bihar (formerly known) in 2012 as Associate Professor. Since 2015, Dr. Parth Sarthi is serving as Professor at Department of Environment Science, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya, India. Currently he is the Dean, School of Earth, Biological an Environmental Sciences, CUSB, Gaya

Prof. Parth Sarthi has research interest in Climate Change, Environmental Law, Climate Resilience, Climate and Health, Urban Climate and others. He has been guided MPhil-Ph.D. students and published a number of research papers in international and national journals, book chapters, technical reports and others. A number of research projects funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt of India are carried out by him.

Currently, Prof. Parth Sarthi is a Steering Committee Member of Bihar State Action Plan on Climate Change, Govt of Bihar and formulated the State Climate Change Action Plan. He is a member of the State Task Force on Climate Change, Govt of Bihar. Prof. Parth Sarthi is also the president of Indian Meteorological Society, Bihar, India.



Dr. K. Sudha 

Dr. K. Sudha, with teaching experience of more than a decade, is also a practicing lawyer. Her area of expertise includes constitutional and administrative law. Also, she was in connection with family law for a remarkable period. She also authored several articles and case comments in both English and Telugu. Her work, ' Prostitution Laws: an enigma and some dilemma', was lately published by a renowned publishing house based in Delhi. The entire team is equally delighted to have her on this platform, and surely her guidance will be a great addition to this project.

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Dr Shamim Meghani Modi

Shamim Modi is a dedicated activist, lawyer, and teacher who strongly focuses on tribal rights in Madhya Pradesh. She is an Assistant Professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and was the program coordinator for the LL.M. program on access to justice. With a background in psychology and law, she conducts training on emotional intelligence for various organizations, including the IPS, IFS, and CISF. As a founding member of Shramik Adivasi Sanghatana, she fights for the rights of tribal and Dalit communities, filing PILs on labor rights, illegal mining, and prisoner's rights. Her passion for justice has led her to make significant contributions to empowering marginalized groups.

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Dr. T.Y. Nirmala Devi

Dr. T.Y. Nirmala Devi has done her doctorate from Andhra University and completed her Master of Business Administration in Human Resources. She has 27 years of teaching experience specifically in the law domain. She has been an active member of the examination committee, library committee and, website committee.  The team is highly obligated to her affirmation to be a part of this project and appreciates every anticipatory guidance.

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Dr Sonali Kusum

Dr. Sonali Kusum holds a B.A., LL.B, and LLM degree in Law, specializing in human rights. They are UGC NET qualified and have a Ph.D. in Law from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, awarded by the Chief Justice of India, Sharad Arvind Bobde. The Rajya Sabha Committee on Health & Family Welfare recognized her research on surrogacy law. They have worked as a Research Associate (Legal) with UNICEF India, conducted field research on legal issues in women's prisons, and authored papers on the subject. They also contribute to law magazines, newspapers, and online portals on various legal, medico-legal, public health, and gender-related topics.

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Dr. Namballa Bhagyalakshmi 

Dr. Namballa Bhagyalakshmi has completed her master's with a specialization in criminal law from Andhra University. She was also awarded a Gold medal in her undergraduate study for the subject of the law of torts. Apart from having teaching experience, she had practiced as an advocate at the District Court for four years. Her area of interest lies in civil and criminal cases and drafting and pleadings. At present, she is pursuing her doctorate degree from Andhra University. The team is indebted for her presence in this project, and her mentorship will be a valuable addition for future development.

Dr. Devakumar Jacob

Dr. Devakumar Jacob, a doctorate in 'Public Applied History' and LL.B. degree holder from Mumbai University, is a seasoned faculty at School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. With expertise in Labour and Corporate Law, he has a decade of teaching experience and is renowned for his research on social justice, caste, gender, migration, and human rights education, showcased in published books and research articles.

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Dr. Viswachandra Nath Madasu 

Dr. Viswachandra Nath Madasu has qualified SET and is a doctorate degree holder in the History of Public Health in British India. He, before joining Damodaram Sanjivvaya National Law University Visakhapatnam, was a lecturer in Andhra University. In Andhra University, he taught Europe history and archival studies in the department of history and archaeology. His subject of interest inclines toward Colonial laws and Medical history.  The team is very grateful for him being a part of this project and feels elated for all his future support and guidance.

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                                Student Editorial Board

Shianjany Pradhan is a student of law and pursuing her BA.LLB from Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Shianjany has a keen interest in the field of law and research and is also a member of the Symbiosis research community “Samshodhana.” She is always looking forward to exploring various fields of law and is highly inclined toward Socio-Legal aspects of Law. She is enthusiastic about the areas of criminal law, family law and IPR. With her interest in the socio-legal aspects, she looks forward to being a part of the NGO and doing her best to bring a change.



Komal is a dynamic and compassionate student pursuing BBA LLB from the esteemed Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak.  With an inherent love for social service, Komal has always been driven by a deep desire to help others and uplift the underprivileged. Her passion for serving society has led her to pursue law, where she envisions providing free legal aid to victims of domestic violence and marginalized individuals, empowering them to access justice and find solace.

In addition to her commitment to social work, Komal is an exceptional student. Her academic prowess has been recognized with numerous achievements and accolades.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Komal has demonstrated exceptional talent in the sport of judo, achieving numerous medals and earning a prestigious bronze medal in the North Zone Judo Championship held at Amritsar in 2018. Her dedication to judo exemplifies her discipline, determination, and drive to excel in various aspects of her life.




Sangini Singh, a law student at Bangalore institute of legal studies, Bengaluru, born and raised in a culturally diverse neighborhood of Bihar and then moving for her further studies to Karnataka (Bangalore), she developed an insatiable curiosity for the world around her. Combining her legal acumen with a strong desire to advocate for justice and social change, she is determined to make a lasting impact on the lives of the underprivileged. In her leisure, she enjoys to be engaged in painting, reading books, and exploring new art forms. Sangini's journey is a testament to her dedication and passion for creating a more just and equitable world for herself and everyone around.



Shashank Mohan is currently studying in 4th year of B.A LL.B HONS. course from Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam. He is a Judicial aspirant and also have interest towards Intellectual Property & Technology law.



Shivam Kumar is a 4th-year law student hailing from the culturally rich district of Samastipur, Bihar and currently in National law university, Visakhapatnam. With an unwavering dedication and a genuine desire to create positive change, he envisions a world where marginalized communities and individuals are empowered and uplifted. Throughout his journey, Shivam has exhibited an unyielding commitment to social causes and the betterment of society as a whole.



Sri vidya is currently pursuing her second year of undergraduation in B.B.A. LL.B  from Mahatma Gandhi Law College, Hyderabad. She has keen intresent in research and social work . She is looking forward to make her career in practicing law along with all these she is also a CS aspirant.



Shivani Kumari is driven by a powerful blend of legal acumen and unwavering compassion. With an indomitable spirit, she strives to bring about positive change in society. Inspired by the words of Martin Luther King Jr., who stated, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," she fearlessly speaks out against any act of injustice. Her vision is to create an inclusive world where everyone is treated with fairness and dignity. With a passion for legal research, particularly in the realm of human rights, she seeks to empower the marginalized and oppressed. She is a relentless force for justice, using her expertise to shape a society that embraces equality and compassion for all.



Rudra Shandilya is an advocate by profession, holding a B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) degree from Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University (DSNLU), Visakhapatnam. A profound interest in public policy and constitutional importance has driven his legal journey. With a passion for justice and social change, He has dedicated his career to upholding law principles and advocating for meaningful reforms. Throughout his professional journey, he has gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the legal system and the significance of effective advocacy in safeguarding individual rights and promoting societal welfare. His focus on public policy stems from a belief that a just and progressive society can be achieved through well-crafted policies that cater to the diverse needs of the people. His advocacy work has enabled him to actively engage in research, analysis, and discourse on critical policy issues that impact our nation. He is particularly drawn to matters of constitutional importance, viewing the Constitution as the cornerstone of our democracy, and he is committed to defending its principles and ensuring that constitutional rights are protected for all citizens. Looking ahead, I aspire to continue my pursuit of excellence, advocating for positive changes in policies that enhance lives and strengthen the democratic fabric of our nation, making impactful contributions to the legal landscape and society as a whole

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Disha Chaturvedi, is a compassionate and dedicated final year student hailing from DSNLU, Visakhapatnam. Driven by a fervent desire to create a positive impact on society, Disha has chosen a path that reflects her profound commitment to social welfare and the empowerment of women. She strives to uplift the marginalized sections of society and lend them a voice they deserve. Throughout her academic journey, Disha has exhibited a deep understanding of the issues faced by the underprivileged, and she eagerly seeks opportunities to bridge the gaps in their lives. Armed with a potent combination of empathy and determination, she aspires to be an agent of change, bringing forth inclusive policies and advocating for equal opportunities.

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Submission Guidelines for Journal

Content Guidelines: Authors must conform to the following guidelines before submission-

Note: The articles would be evaluated on the following broad parameters: novelty/originality of the idea, articulation, structure, relevancy and authors’ insight.

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