Prof. Shamnad Bashir IPR Quiz Competition

Rules and Regulations for Prof. Shamnad Bashir IPR Quiz

1. Objective: The Prof. Shamnad Bashir IPR Quiz, organized annually by the Prof. Shamnad Bashir Centre for First Generation Lawyers, aims to promote awareness and knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among law students, professionals, and enthusiasts. The quiz is a tribute to the esteemed legal luminary, Prof. Shamnad Bashir, and seeks to uphold his legacy by fostering excellence in the field of IPR.

2. Eligibility:

3. Registration:

4. Format:

5. Quiz Day:

6. Scoring and Evaluation:

7. Results and Prizes:

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9. Code of Conduct:

10. Disclaimer:

11. Contact Information: For any queries or clarifications regarding the Prof. Shamnad Bashir IPR Quiz, participants can reach out to the designated contact person or email address provided on the official website.


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