ASRR Moot Court Competition 

ASRR Moot Court Competition 

Rules and Regulations for ASRR (Alluri Sita Rama Raju) Moot Court Competition

1. Objective: The ASRR (Alluri Sita Rama Raju) Moot Court Competition, organized annually in the first week of June by the Prof. Shamnad Basheer Centre for First Generation Lawyers, is designed to foster legal advocacy skills, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of constitutional and human rights issues, while honoring the legacy of the esteemed freedom fighter, Alluri Sita Rama Raju.

2. Eligibility:

3. Registration:

4. Case Materials:

5. Written Submissions:

6. Oral Rounds:

7. Judging Panel:

8. Awards and Recognition:

9. Awards/ Prizes:

10. Code of Conduct:

11. Disclaimer:

12. Contact Information:

13. Date of competition: Last week of June every year


Rules and Regulations


1. The Alluri Sita Rama Raju Trial Advocacy Competition is a competition named in honour of a brave freedom fighter who waged an armed campaign against the British when they enacted the 1882 Madras Forest Act. This instinct for justice is what makes us honour him through this competition.

2. The ASRR Trial Advocacy Competition is a competition open to all students from the 3-year LLB course or 5 year integrated LLB course, who have qualified for VASLAT i.e., Vidya Alankar School of Law Admission Test.cultivate, enhance, appreciate, honour and reward the trial legal skills amongst the budding lawyers. It is to simulate real Trial Courts scenarios, training participants in legal practices and to promote and sustain competitive spirit to ensure the development of advocacy finesse.


1. Students pursuing a 3-Year L.L.B. Degree Course, or a 5-Year Integrated and LL.B. Degree Course from the colleges recognized by the Bar Council of India India who have qualified for VASLAT i.e., Vidya Alankar School of Law Admission Test. 


1. The maximum number of participants per team shall be restricted to 3 members wherein 2 members will be Speakers and 1 member shall be a Researcher.

2. Only the Participant who is a Speaker in all four- Preliminary, Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final rounds shall be eligible for the award of the Best Speaker.

3. The identity of the team [name of the Law College / School / University] must not be disclosed to the Judges as well as to the other Participating Teams. Any such disclosure shall lead to disqualification.

4. The substitution of any member is not allowed except with the prior approval of the Organizing Committee.


1. A participant appearing as advocates before any court including the High Court shall wear a black coat, white shirt, black pant, and a black tie with formal shoes, which shall be sober and dignified.

2. Provided that the female participants may wear black and white sarees, or Punjab dress at the place of shirt and pant.


1. The OC may approach anyone as a judge in trial proceedings who

i)                   is an advocate, or

ii)                 is or has been a judge of any court, or

iii)               is an associate or partner in a law firm.


1. Location, date and time, and the jurisdiction applicable in the problem for the memorial will be duly notified.

2. The language of written and oral arguments must be in English.

3. The participants shall have to prepare the case for Examination in Chief and Cross Examination of witnesses from both the Prosecution & Defence side and prepare their arguments from both sides. Examination in Chief and Cross Examination shall only be conducted orally and no written submissions are required for the same.

4. Witnesses will be provided by the host organization, i.e. Kshitizz.

5. It is mandatory for the Prosecution and the Defence to examine all the witnesses and dropping a witness will resultin a loss of marks. However, the order in which witnesses are to be examined shall be determined by the concerned team taking the examination in chief.

6. The team conducting the examination in chief of their witnesses or the team cross-examining the witnesses will desist from arguing with the witnesses.

7. The teams will be provided with witnesses half an hour prior to the commencement of the trial proceedings.

8. The competition comprises of Preliminary Rounds and Advanced rounds which would include the Quarter Final Rounds, Semi–Final Rounds, and the Final Rounds

9. Each Team would not face the same team in the preliminary rounds, nor would the same bench judge the same team more than once in the preliminary rounds.

10. The total time of the Preliminary Rounds shall be 1 hour. Each Team will have 30 minutes to present their case. This time shall include the time for the Re-examination of witnesses by Prosecution and Defence, which will be allowed only on prior permission from the judges in that particular courtroom.

11. The maximum time for the advanced rounds is 2 hours. Each team will have 1 hour to present their case. This time shall include the time for the Re-examination of witnesses by Prosecution and Defence, which will be allowed only on prior permission from the judges in that particular courtroom.


1. Where on receipt of a complaint or otherwise Administrator has reason to believe that any participant in the Competition has been guilty of any offence or other misconduct, it shall refer the case for disposal to the organizing committee.

2. Any Participant who withdraws from the competition at any stage, for any reason, shall be strictly punished in accordance with the declaration form signed by him/her. The registration fee shall not be refundable.


1. Each team must prepare memorials for the Prosecution & the Defence.

2. The Cover Page of each memorial must contain the following information:

        i.            Name of Competition

      ii.            Name of the Case [Name of the Parties]

    iii.            Party for which the Memorial has been prepared

    iv.            Name of the court where case is brought.

3. Typing of the memorial should be as per the specifications given below:

        i.            Paper size - A4

      ii.            Font size – 12

    iii.            Font type - Times New Roman

    iv.            Line spacing - 1.5 Margins - 1 inch on each side

      v.            Footnote Font size – 10

    vi.            Footnote Font type - Times New Roman

  vii.            Footnote Line spacing – 1

4. Once submitted, memorials shall not be returned to the participants in any case nor any amendment shall be allowed after submission of the memorials.

5. Memorials shall be submitted in the following format and in the given sequence:

        i.            Title page

      ii.            Table of contents

    iii.            Index of Authorities along with Bibliography

    iv.            Statement of Jurisdiction

      v.            Statements of Facts

    vi.            Statement of Issues

  vii.            Summary of Arguments

viii.            The Arguments Advanced

    ix.            Prayer Clause

      x.            List of Witness

6. Memorials should be typed & attached with soft cover, in Blue Colour - Prosecution and Red colour - Defence.

7. The soft copies of the memorials must be sent to LINK by DEADLINE.

8. The memorials should not contain the name of the participating Law College / School / University, the name of the participants, the name of the country of the participating Law College / School / University, or any identification in any part thereof. Also, no logo or any mark of identification should be made on the memorials. Non-compliance with this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.


1. There is no registration fees as only the scholars selected under VASLAT i.e., Vidya Alankar School of Law Admission Test is eligible to participate . The competition is also free for students volunteering for Kshitizz.

2.. Registration Link: LINK

3. Forms received after the deadline will not be received.

4. The registration fee is non-refundable.

5. The registration of a team will be considered complete once the registration fees are paid and the registration form, i.e., through google form, with all necessary details, is received.

6. The last registration date for the said competition is DATE till 11:59 pm.


1. Winner

2. Runners-Up

3. 2nd Runners-Up

4. 3rd Runners-Up

5. 4th Runners-Up


1. Last of registration

2. Deadline for memorial

3. Tenure of competition

4. Announcement of results


Akshata Das, Convenor Moot & Mock Trial Committee,Kshitizz

Akshata is an ambitious and compassionate undergraduate law student hailing from Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University. Her profound dedication to social service has been ingrained in her since childhood, drawing inspiration from the valuable teachings imparted by her parents.

Motivated by her genuine concern for the current state of education and the prevalent digital divide, Akshata has set her sights on empowering women and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. To bring about a positive change, she has taken the initiative to establish the "Paper Crane Society." Through this program, Akshata aims to bridge the technological gap by donating computers to rural schools and orphanages in the regions of West Bengal and Odisha.

Not stopping there, Akshata's drive for creating meaningful impact led her to undertake another noteworthy endeavor. She recognized the value of education and the scarcity of resources in rural areas, prompting her to take action. With relentless effort, she managed to collect over 1000 textbooks from private schools in the Nashik area that were destined to be discarded. Instead, she channeled these invaluable resources to benefit Nashik's rural schools and orphanages, where they would make a significant difference.

Akshata's genuine concern for others, coupled with her proactive approach, sets her apart as a true change-maker. With her vision for a more equitable society and her hands-on involvement in meaningful projects, she is poised to create a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Her altruistic endeavors and commitment to uplifting the less fortunate demonstrate her potential to be a driving force for positive social change.

Sushree Sunanda Sahu, Co-Convenor, Moot & Mock Trail Committee, Kshitizz

Sushree Sunanda Sahu is a dedicated legal professional with a passion for environmental and competition law. She recently completed her LL.M. from TERI School of Advanced Studies in New Delhi, where she specialized in Environment and Natural Resources Law. Prior to that, she graduated from National Law University, Visakhapatnam in the year 2021.

Having completed her Master of Business Laws from NLSIU, Bangalore, Sushree's academic background reflects her commitment to continuous learning and honing her expertise in various legal disciplines.

Sushree's keen interest lies in environmental laws and competition law, and she aspires to contribute significantly to these fields through her research and writing endeavors. Her comprehensive understanding of legal matters, combined with her passion for environmental issues, positions her as a valuable asset in the pursuit of sustainability and ecological protection.

Alongside her academic pursuits, Sushree actively maintains a blog where she shares her insights on legal matters, particularly in environmental law, aiming to present complex topics in a simplified manner. Her dedication to educating and supporting fellow law students in comprehending environmental laws reflects her altruistic nature and commitment to empowering others.

With her diverse academic background, strong advocacy for environmental protection, and a willingness to impart knowledge, Sushree Sunanda Sahu is poised to make a meaningful impact in the legal field and contribute positively to the causes she is passionate about.