Magazine “Chiriya” is the second child to Kshtizzz NGO. It is result of vision from law students living across the country, belonging to varied cultures and coming together during COVID-19, trying to create a wave that could hopefully start a movement and change the channel towards sustainability and environment protection. The aim of the magazine is to educate its readers on leading their life based on few changes that could in turn help the environment and help to save more reserves for its future generation, we aim to teach the consequences of being selfish towards environment. As of today India accounts for 18 percent of world’s population and 12 percent of global municipal solid waste generation, six of world’s 10 most polluted cities are in India and has already lost six plant species to extinction. These numbers not only reflect on the greed of mankind but also the ignorance, and Chiriya aspires to remove the ignorance.

Chiriya meaning house sparrow in urdu symbolise the small efforts taken by locals living in urban areas to save the specie’s population. The minimum efforts such as making small bird houses from spare wooden parts at home, or storing food and water for the birds relieve the bird from vanishing away behind the curtains of urbanisation. Similarly magazine “Chiriya” wishes to appreciate and celebrate smalls efforts made by the people in their life to protect the environment from drastic effects of climate change. We wish to reach out to the maximum number of people, educate them on the several fatal outcomes of climate change and help them to take responsibility of everyday life choices that they took in the past which led to such deterioration. We aim to uplift the young minds into thinking creative yet harmless habits which can help to reduce the rapid unstable growth of urbanisation. Our aim is to create a platform and be one of the tools to eliminate the tumour of ignorance which is set upon our minds ultimately we envision to be the change and protect our dear home planet.

Our Team

Sushree Sunanda Sahu: She is the founder and first Editor in Chief of Chiriya Magazine. Learning the importance of protecting our degrading environment from the walls of her school, Sushree is now leading a team of young minds to be the same walls by promoting effective writing and modern art depicting the present scenario of climate change. Her vision is to inspire readers into reflecting upon their actions and think for a better tomorrow. As big fan of Kobe Bryant she wholeheartedly believes in his saying that “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do”.

Ujjwal Ashutosh: He is the founder of NGO Kshitizz the parent of magazine “Chiriya”. From giving his own umbrella to the needy to sweeping roads in a village, his vision gradually shifted to being a consistent help to the endangered sections of the society rather than just being an immediate help. He leads a team of more than 100 law students and inspired thousand more about education and waste management, he is also the proud founder of “Feed De Penguin”, an initiative started towards tackling the increasing rate bio medical waste.

“हर मनुष्य के लिए आवश्यक है विजन , जब आप उस विजन को आत्मसात कर के उसे अपने दिनचर्या में ढाल लेते है तो

कहीं ना कहीं आप उसे सबकोंसियस मस्तिष्क से भी जीने लगते है तब जा के आपके हर हर कार्य में वो विजन नजर आने

लगता है और यही आपको एक बड़े बदलाव लाने का जरिया बन सक्षम बना जाता है।” – Ashutosh Ujjwal

Puja Kumari : The senior most member of team, holding a masters degree in English and presently pursuing PhD from Patna’s Women College Puja Kumari is the Associate Editor in the team. Working almost a year with Tarumitra (a movement that evolved from the Forum for Environment that students started in 1988, with a focus on the conservation of biodiversity and promotion of ecological sensitivity) Puja Kumari developed her sense of responsibility towards environment in her youth. Advocating for self responsibility and a general awareness among people in the society towards sustainable development, Puja Kumari firmly believes in the motto “Destiny is not what we lose but we choose”.

Allaka M:

Shahin : A young content writer from Assam, Shahin is now the pride of Chiriya. Establishing her penmanship in various platforms starting from International Law Journal to esteemed digital media “The north-eastern chronicle” Shahin is now writing to bring awareness about the most recent ecological imbalance she witnessed around her home. Her faith in mankind to restore ecosystem is derived from the motto “I think before I deliberate! And therefore I am”

Keerthana: A young graduate born and raised in Vishakhapatnam, Keerthana raised her voice against environmental issues from an early age on. She led the legal team for Extinctional Rebillion, an international and non partisan movement in Vizag to persuade government to act justly on Climate Change and Ecological Emergency. She has  also co-founded a non-profit learning platform called “Human Library” which hosts personal conversations designed to challenge stigma and stereotypes through dialogues. Her devout faith in the youth to bring better conscience among the public about their degrading society, the Star Trek nerd quotes Yoda “Train yourself to let go of everything you dear to lose” to educate people about making the right choice over comfort.

Riya Jain : Going against all the traditions set in society in Rajasthan, Riya travelled 1500kms to the South-east side of the country to study for her dream profession. From accidently joining Kshitizzz to being the treasurer of the NGO, Riya learned the core values of Kshtizzz and now religiously promotes them. A stubborn child with a sense of responsibility towards the society she was personally appointed in the team as production manager. She sings her life through the lyrics “finding my feet, pounding in the street hoping it will all come together”.


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